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Extra Night | Carré Fright Nights III ⬝ #FRIYAY Zombie Birthdays

Carré Fright Nights - 4 Nights of Horror

🧟‍♂️#FRIYAY Zombie Birthdays 🧟‍♂️

The scariest Halloween party in Belgium at your favorite club! Carré will be transformed in a zombie graveyard.

Something is coming back from the dead. They lurk in the dark and eat everything they can find. You better hide or start running. These zombies are faster than you think! Arrghhh!!

For the birthday girls and the cheerleaders, the fit girls and the unicorns, the fashion queens & lifestyle bloggers who make every second on the dancefloor count! After all let's face it, you can be bitten before you know it, so you better take that selfie before it's too late.

👻 Special spooky shots & cocktails
🦇 Freakalicious tasty bites
☠️ Forbidden Forest Photo Booth
... who knows what you're going to loose

Our resident DJ Lennert Wolfs & Leroy will make your night zombious as hell!

Dress up to impress & celebrate with us like it is the last day of your human existence. Halloween costume recommended.

Today's forecast 100% chance of Freaking free bubbles.
Celebrate your birthday with us! Make sure to check your mail and set up a birthday guestlist & reserve
your FREE bottle of Laurent-Perrier.

Entrance at the door ≫ 20,00 euro
Entrance online ≫ 18,00 euro
↳ Includes parking + cloakroom + toilet

Our spooky crew is ready to serve you !

Koning Leopoldlaan 2
2830 Willebroek