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Carré Saturdays | What Women Want × Who Run The World?!

Carré Saturdays : What Women Want × Who Run The World!

Hey Ladies! Saturday belongs to you! 💁‍♀️

So pour yourself a drink 🍸, put on some lipstick 💄, dress up 👗,
wear high heels 👠, and go out for a crazy night at Carré 🔲.

We know if you obey the rules, you miss all the fun!
But at Carré everything is possible!

And remember, what happens at Carré, stays at Carré*! 😉
*except if our photographer took a picture. #fail

Free bubbles of Happiness before midnight for all the ladies!

Join us this Saturday to discover your favorite nightclub.
Sounds by our Residents " Lester Williams & F.R.A.N.K. "

Powered by Laurent-Perrier

Our crew is ready to serve you !

Koning Leopoldlaan 2
2830 Willebroek