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Extra Night | Carré De Papel with Raquel Murillo

Una mattina mi sono alzatoO bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao...Carré proudly presents Thursday 31th October 2019⚠ CARRE DE PAPEL ⚠
The heist of the year with exclusive special guest Itziar Ituño aka Raquel Murillo from CASA DE PAPEL❗#clubcarre #casadepapel #raquelmorillo #exclusive #event #capitalofnightlife #creatingmemories #werobthenight
Show me the money❗💵💵💵
Dress in original Casa de Papel outfit including Dali mask🎭 and get FREE ENTRANCE before midnight.
🎧 Carré sound by Lester Williams & Lennert Wolfs
Doors - 22:00€15 €20 VIP (no table included)Tickets online: www.carre.be/shopCarré member cards are valid tonight! ✅ Contact & info;reservation@carre.be - 0483/400 400 (Whatsapp)

VIP TABLE RESERVATIONS - Main deck 🚨 Includes the presence of the star during the night and a picture 🚨
🥇Gold Vip - € 1000Including:- a private guestlist for 8 persons- VIP table- € 700 spending budget
🥈 Platinum VIP - € 2500Including:- a private guestlist for​ 15 persons- VIP table- free fingerfood- € 2000 spending budget
💎 Diamond Vip ​ - € 5.000Including:- private guestlist for 50 persons- VIP area- free fingerfood- € 3500 spending budget
🚀 Exclusive VIP ​ - € 10.000​ Including:- an unlimited guestlist- ​an exclusive private VIP area- a private waiter @ your table - private security @ your table- free fingerfood all night long- 12L Laurent Perrier - € 6500 spending budget​
#clubcarre #casadepapel #raquelmorillo #exclusive #event #capitalofnightlife #creatingmemories #werobthenight

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