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Diedjies XXL | IBIZ'IES • Ibiza Vibes at Diedjies

We invite you to IBIZ'IES! 🌴

Trop it like it's hot! ☀️🔥

Prepare yourself for the ultimate summerklub party at Diedjies!

We're bringing the beachy Ibiza Vibes home with lots of specials.
Djembé • Tropical Lounge • Summer cocktails • Tasty BBQ Bites • Live DJ's • Palm trees • Special gadgets • And many more!

You can sleep late the day after ⤵️
Public Holiday! 🥳😎

#diedjies #summerklub #ibizies #party #summer

Koning Leopold III-Straat 9
8520 Kuurne

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